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Botanical Interest - Toy Choy Bok Choy Seeds

Botanical Interest - Toy Choy Bok Choy Seeds

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Also called pak choi, this leafy green has been cultivated in Asia for centuries. A miniature variety, 'Toy Choy' grows just 5" tall and is ready to harvest in as few as 30 days. The thick, white stems and glossy, dark green leaves are tender and crisp. Tolerates warm weather better than full-size types. Small plants are ideal for growing in containers.


Days to Maturity: 30–35 days

Plant Dimensions: 5" tall, wide

Variety Information: Smooth, dark green leafy blades in a cluster, with white, crisp stems. 'Toy Choy' is a small type bok choy, reaching only 5" tall.

Attributes: Good for Containers

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