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Our Story

Amy Lowe 
Co-Founder of Tropical Nursery

Forty Two years ago, Stephen Bethel Sr. alongside with his father, Morris Bethel, mother, Elizabeth Bethel and grandmother, Amy Lowe, set out to turn their backyard hobby into a profitable profession.


Their neighborhood backyard greenhouse became such a hit, they decided to expand. Morris Bethel alongside a few family members built Tropical Nursery’s greenhouses, store and warehouse buildings.


On December 8, 1979 the Bethel’s opened their business doors to the public located on Village Road.


They're now a fourth-generation family-run business by Stephen Bethel's wife, Cristina Bethel and their daughter, Steffie Bethel.

It's our goal to consistently deliver high quality plants, garden and pet supplies with great prices and customer service. 


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