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Botanical Interest - Robust Popcorn Corn Seeds

Botanical Interest - Robust Popcorn Corn Seeds

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Once only commercially available, this type of popping corn is now available to the home gardener! 'Robust Pop R400MR' produces large, round popped kernels sturdy enough to hold a coating and stay in one piece, unlike the more common 'butterfly'-shaped popcorn. This is also the type of popcorn found in the popular Cracker Jacks®. Grow it in your backyard to make kettle corn, caramel corn, popcorn balls, or to top with seasonings.


Days to Maturity: 95–100 days

Plant Dimensions: 6'–7' tall

Variety Information: 7"–8" ears with yellow kernels that dry to a rich orange color. It has pearl shaped kernels and about 80% of them will have a round, mushroom shape when popped. Tolerant to Grass's wilt disease.

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