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Botanical Interest - Bull's Blood Beet Seeds

Botanical Interest - Bull's Blood Beet Seeds

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Sow one row for the beautiful greens, and another row for the delicious roots! 'Bull's Blood' is valued for its tender, sweet, dark red, almost burgundy foliage. Selected from a French heirloom for the darkest colored leaves, the 16" "greens" rival chard and spinach for delectability and nutritional content. The roots are also quite tasty when harvested small. Beets are excellent for mild climates where multiple crops are possible.


Days to Maturity: 50–60 days

Plant Dimensions: Leaf tops to 16" tall

Variety Information: Dark red roots are 2"–3" in diameter and may have candy-striped zoning throughout the interior. 'Bulls Blood' is an excellent variety for the small, tender, beautifully colored tops that are tasty in salads. Burgundy leaf tops are most tender at baby green size. Dark red roots are sweet and flavorful.

Attributes: Good for Containers

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