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Botanical Interest - Papaya Dew Melon Seeds

Botanical Interest - Papaya Dew Melon Seeds

SKU: 0262



This is no ordinary melon—with over 8 years of breeding several types of melons, this is one of a kind! Exquisite, sweet flavor combines with juicy and aromatic flesh for an extraordinary summer treat. The smooth, grey-green rind turns yellow-white when melons are at their peak of ripeness. Cutting open the fruit releases the intoxicating aroma and delectable, orange-pink flesh reminiscent of a summer sunset. Each slightly oval melon weighs about 2-4 pounds.


Days to Emerge: 5–10 days

Days to Maturity: 70–90 days

Plant Dimensions: 4'–5' sprawling vines

Variety Information: 2–4 pound melons, slightly oval shaped with smooth, yellow-white skin when ripe. 'Papaya Dew' is a hybrid melon with a unique flavor and color. Orange-pink flesh is highly aromatic. Fruit is generally larger in warmer climates.


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