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Botanical Interest - Mizuna Mustard Heirloom Organic Seeds

Botanical Interest - Mizuna Mustard Heirloom Organic Seeds

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A graceful plant in flower beds and containers, and also a tender, mildly spicy, Japanese mustard green that is milder than other mustards, and ready to harvest in as little as 3 weeks. Beautiful and prolific, and withstands heat longer than lettuce without bolting. Use fresh in salads, steam, or stir-fry. Seeds will germinate under cold and wet spring conditions.


Days to Emerge: 5–10 days

Days to Maturity: 30–50 days

Plant Dimensions: Will grow 12" tall and wide, though typically harvested when smaller

Variety Information: Mustard leaves are mildly spicy and slightly peppery. Mizuna is a type of Japanese mustard. One plant can produce as many as 200 stems with thin, serrated leaves. It is prized as much for its ornamental value as its culinary value.

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