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Adams Flea & Tick Spray

Adams Flea & Tick Spray

SKU: 039079058933

The Adams Flea & Tick Spray contains a highly effective combination of ingredients that kills adult fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae and also repels mosquitoes. When applied as directed, our spray kills adult fleas and ticks upon contact and keeps killing for up to 2 months. The spray is specially formulated to kill off unseen flea eggs laid onto your pet by breaking the flea life cycle and preventing future reinfestations. Each treatment contains an Insect Growth regulator (IGR) that stops egg development, and other active ingredients: Etofenprox, (S)-Methoprene, and Piperonyl Butoxide that contribute to strong and safe protection. Our proven effective spray even works to kill Deer ticks, which could carry Lyme Disease. The Adams Flea & Tick Spray comes with a convenient, trigger spray for easy application. It can be used on dogs and puppies 10 weeks or older, and also on cats and kittens 12 weeks or older.

  • CONTROLS REINFESTATIONS: Kills adult fleas, Deer ticks, flea eggs, and flea larvae
  • PREVENTION: Prevents flea eggs from hatching for up to 2 months
  • WORKS ON DEER TICKS: Kills Deer ticks that may transmit Lyme disease
  • USE: For use on dogs and puppies 10 weeks and older; cats and kittens 12 weeks and older
  • READY-TO-USE-SPRAY: Effective in multi-pet households
  • PET, HOME & YARD: 5% of fleas live on your pet while the remaining 95% live in your home or yard. Adams provides a multi-step product solution to fight pests on every front – Complete your system with our Pet, Home, and Yard products.
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